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Many people choose to hire a trust administration lawyer to help them manage the process. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a trust administration lawyer.


Trust administration lawyers, such as Boswell PLLC, have extensive knowledge and experience in trust law, so they can provide valuable guidance and advice on the best way to manage a trust. Our team can help ensure that trust assets are managed properly and that all applicable laws are followed.


Working with a trust administration can make the trust administration process much more efficient. We can provide guidance on how to properly manage the trust, as well as how to avoid any potential legal issues.


Trust administration lawyers are highly trained professionals who can provide objective, unbiased advice. We can also help to mediate any potential disputes between the beneficiaries and trustees.

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Highly Recommend!

"Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work professionally with Mr. Boswell on various matters. It was readily apparent that he cares very deeply about his clients and takes great pride in his work product. I could not be more impressed with his tremendous breadth of knowledge and expertise."

- Megan

Satisfied Client!

"Mr. Boswell assisted my wife and I with our estate planning documents. He guided us through the process from beginning to end, and took the time to answer all our questions along the way."

- Jeff

Took Time To Help Us Understand!

"Mr. Boswell helped me with estate planning and will/trust preparation. I was very pleased with the services provided by him and his firm. All work was prepared as planned and in accordance with our initial meeting. There was very good explanation of services and a strong attempt to understand what me and my wife were interested in accomplishing with our plans."

- Martin

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